Skinner Sights

Merit Adjustable Aperture for Skinner



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Sight Adjustment

A Good Brass Punch Is hard to find. This elegant tool is used to drift Skinner D


Skinner Express Sight

The SKINNER “EXPRESS” Sight blends the lines and beauty of this beautiful, trim,

from £100.00

Skinner Front Sight

3/8″ Dovetail front sight for Marlin Rifles. Information from Skinner Sight’s We

from £15.00

Skinner Large Elevation Screw

ELEVATION LOCKING SCREW WITH FINGER KNOB For those who would like easy/quick ele


Skinner Lo-Pro Sight

The Low Profile 8-40 Sight fits all marlin rifles and usually works with the fac


sold out.

Skinner Reliable Sight

This Sight is available for the Model 39, 1894 or 1895 Marlin lever action rifle

from £69.00

Skinner Sight Apertures

Skinner Reciever Sights are shipped with a .096″ Aperture. This is a good all ar


Skinner Sight Stem

At the heart of each SKINNER SIGHT is our unique aperture stem. These stems are


Skinner Spare Parts Kit

This kit includes each of the screws, wrenches, and soft metal shims used with o


Skinner Winged Front Sight

Our “WINGED” FRONT sight uses the Marlin factory mounting holes for easy instal


Skinner Winged Sight

Featuring protective “wings” and full adjustment for elevation and windage, the


sold out.

XS Threaded Stem Long

XS SIGHT SYSTEMS – Long threaded ghost ring adapter This stem replaces the stand


sold out.