1894 Picatinny Base (SYSS)



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Picatinny Base for Marlin 1894, made by South Yorkshire Shooting Supplies

One of the big advantages of a Marlin over most other lever action rifles is the ease of fitting an optical sight to the rifle. The solid top receiver permits the simple installation of a scope base and for many years we have used the Weaver 63B part which costs just £10.  The downside of this base is that there are only two grooves for locating the cross bar which is part of a Weaver or picatinny base.  Our latest offering has been CNC manufactured for us to provide a picatinny base at a length of 5 inches and with 12 grooves it offers the widest range of spacings for rings when using a scope or red dot sight. Black anodised aluminium construction and supplied complete with fixing screws.


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