RPP M-LOK Handguard Black Anodized Aluminum Forearm




This year, we took a hard look at our best selling M-LOK handguards. Goal #1 was to streamline the manufacturing process, in part to better meet demand, and in part to reduce cost. But we wanted a better part at a great price.

The resulting Gen 2 Handguards have the same great aesthetic and robust functionality as our popular Gen 1 parts, but are built from a single, solid billet of aluminum. This allowed for an increase in rigidity, as well as a reduction in weight and new features.

In the Package: one 13.25″ long M-LOK handguard, one barrel band/three screws, four set screws.

Ranger Point Precision 13.25″ long Marlin MLOK Aluminum Forearm Handguard for all 450M; 444 (non-barrel band options); 1895 45-70 Govt;336 30-30 Win or 35 Rem (also Glenfield’s), 38-55, 44 Mag, 357 Mag, 45 Colt.

Robust build quality. In addition to its hard anodized 6061 aluminum construction, the RPP handguard is supplied with purpose built mounting hardware that is significantly stronger than Marlin factory hardware. Our burly tenon is made of 17-4ph stainless, the strongest grade available. Our barrel band adapter clamps around the barrel, rather than simply using a floating pin. While we have confidence in the strength of our system, there is a practical limit to how much weight/recoil your barrel dovetail can support, so we discourage the use of heavy accessories and bipods.

Easy DIY Install. We wanted to guarantee a drop in fit, with no gunsmithing required. Unfortunately, rifle tolerances can vary quite a bit, so we knew we couldn’t achieve this goal with precise machining alone. So we came up with our proprietary self bedding system. Incorporating rubber pads allows our handguard to accommodate a wide range of tolerances without having to alter parts. In addition, these pads improve accuracy potential, even over factory parts.

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Practical functionality. Our handguard offers compatibility with all standard M-LOK accessories as well as flush cup style QD attachments. All three panels offer mounting points for both. In addition, all three panels are separately removable, without dismounting the handguard. In the event of damage, the affected panel can be easily replaced at modest cost. This allows for easy customization as well. New panel designs/colors/Cerakote designs may be available in the future as well.

Natural ergonomics. While this is a subjective category, we tested numerous designs before settling on this one as the best. The flat bottom provides stability when shooting from a rest, the slender width accommodates most hand sizes, and deep finger grooves along the entire top section offer excellent control for offhand shooting. Throughout, you’ll find radiused, chamfered, or tumbled edges to make the guard comfortable on bare hands. No cheese graters here.

Key Features:

  • Marlin hand guard 13.25″ total length x 1.5″ width x ” 1.6″ height x 7.5 oz (slender width, height, weight almost the same as Marlin factory wooden forearm)

  • Two side mounting hole positions for the two models: tenon/end cap (9 7/8″ from receiver) and barrel band (8 3/8″ from receiver)
  • 18 finger grooves, 17 M-LOK slots (5 on each side, 7 on the bottom) and 4 QD Flush Cups (one on each side, two on the bottom) that work with standard quick push button sling swivels from Grovtec, Sinclair and others

  • Every Type III anodized 6061 aircraft grade aluminum part is chamfered, deburred and tumbled to provide a smooth comfortable finish with no cheese grater effect

  • Self-bedding, padding on the receiver end is an industry first, allowing fast, end user installation and superior accuracy (usually installs in about 5 minutes)

  • Two side Panels are easily customized or inexpensively replaced if damaged, all panels held with industry standard 6/32 x 5/16 flat head screws and red Loktite

  • One flat bottom provides increased stability when shooting from a rest, while the slender width, deep finger grooves and rounded lower corners offer comfortable, confident ergos

  • Heavy duty mounts and screws hardware are provided (barrel band or tenon), increasing durability and load bearing capacity while ensuring easy installation

  • DOES NOT fit 444 barrel band models; Ported (P) models; older CL models (218 Bee, 25-20, 35-20); or 336C Compact 16″ or 336Y Youth 16″ Models (shorter forearm, shorter attach point); or Octagon Barrels (Louthan Gunworks can fit our handguard to octagon barrel rifles)

Do we even need to mention that the RPP Modular Handguard is compatible with all standard M-LOK accessories as well as QD flush mounts, or that it’s made right here in the USA as always? Thought not.

Fits all Marlin/Glenfield Centerfire rifles: 30-30 and 35 Rem; 308 and 338 MX/MXLR; 444 (not the older barrel band models), 450M; 1894 44 Mag, 357 Mag, 45 Colt; 1895 45-70 govt.

Mounting hardware options:

  • End Cap models: Our burly tenon is made of 17-4ph stainless, the strongest grade available.

  • Barrel Band Models: Our barrel band adapter clamps around the top of the barrel, rather than simply using a floating pin

FITS: Marlin centerfire lever-action rifles. End cap and barrel band models.

FEATURES: 18 finger grooves per side, 17 M-LOK slots (5 on each side, 7 on the bottom) and 4 QD flush cups for sling swivels

MOUNTING HARDWARE: Your choice of one 17-4ph stainless steel tenon/screws or barrel band.

DOES NOT FIT: Marlin P or CL models, 444 barrel band models, Octagon models, 336C Compact or 336 Y Youth Models (shorter wooden forearm)OK FOR COATINGS:Ok for KG Gun Kote, Duracoat or Cerakote paint.

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Gen1, Gen2


End Cap Models, Barrel Band Models


Black (Type III Anodizing), Sniper Green (Cerakote), Sniper Grey (Cerakote)