Williams Front Sight Riser Block .250″



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Williams Front Sight Riser Block .250″ Height .250″ Width Aluminum Matte

These risers add .250″ to the height of the dovetail. Especially handy on models that require higher than normal front sight. Available in two widths: .250″ model is for Williams Streamlined ramps.

Technical Information

Material: Strong, lightweight alloy with a tensile strength of 85,000 pounds

Finish: Rustproof, anodized blue-black finish and is .25″ in width

Features: Designed to add .25″ to the height of a dovetail front sight

Gunsmithing Required:


  • Comes with an allen wrench to tighten block into place
  • Fits: Williams streamlined ramps or ramps with a 1/4″ top width
  • Incorporates a standard 3/8″ dovetail