All prices listed on this website are in Pounds Sterling, and include all taxes and fee’s (excluding delivery charges).

There are parts listed on this site that are subject to Section 1 of the Firearms Amendment Act (1968), such as Barrels and Receivers.

These parts require a current Firearms Certificate, with an appropriate variation, or an RFD. Please e-mail to arrange transfer of these items.

These licensed parts often also require to be fitted by a qualified gunsmith.

We stock most factory replacement parts for Marlin Model 336, 336C, 336CC, 336W, 336A, 336Y, 336CB, 444, 1895, 1895M, 1895MR, 1895G, 1895GS, 1895CB, 1894, 1894FG, 1894SS, 1894C, 1894CL, 1894CBC, 1894CB, 39A, 795, 795SS, 7000, 70PSS, 717M2, 982, 982L, 982S, 982WS, 980S, 980V, 925, 925C, 925M, 925MC, 917V, 917VS, 981T, 983T, 983, 983S, 915YS, 915Y, 917M2, 917M2S, Mod 60, Mod 60DL, Mod 60C, Mod 60SSK, Mod 60SS, Mod 60SB.