22lr AR BoreBuddy (cleaning rod guide)


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22lr ammo is dirty.  Cleaning shouldn’t be.

The BoreBuddy guide clicks into place with an audible and tactile snap and centers your cleaning rod to prevent bore wear and the oversize solvent port allows for easy application of your favorite solvent.

Two solvent seal o-rings are included with purchase and can be installed into the internal groove at the front of the guide.  Clean your 22lr AR easily and without the mess.

22lr AR BoreBuddy: a machined delrin bore guide designed specifically for your CMMG/Atchisson/Ciener style dedicated 22lr AR.  The guide slides in from the rear of the upper and is retained in position on the barrel with a tactile click.  The oversize solvent port makes for easy addition of your favorite bore cleaning solvent, and installing the optional solvent seal o-ring keeps solvents in the bore and out of the receiver.