Hammer Spur Grovtec




For Easier Access & Faster Cocking
Clamp-on steel extension adds a serrated lever to the side of the hammer spur to give your thumb a large, easy-to-find horizontal grasping surface. A must-have if using a low-mounted scope, heavy gloves, or you just want a hammer that’s easy to grasp under stress or in wet weather. Hollow design keeps weight to a minimum, so hammer speed and locktime are unaffected. Holds tight on left or right side of hammer with steel Allen head screw.
Please note – Marlin changes the size of their hammers in 1983. Pre-1983 guns need the smaller, old style spur. Rifles can be dated from serial numbers, using the following page – Link

For 39A, the old style spur is required.

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Hammer Spur

New Style, Old Style (Pre-1983)