RPP Marlin M-LOK Adjustable ModStock | Straight Grip (Black)



Picture shows Cheek Piece, M-Lok Panel, and Quiver fitted – these are not included and sold separately. 

FITS ALL MARLIN STRAIGHT GRIP MODELS: JM, Remington: 1894 .357 Mag, .44 Mag, .45 Long Colt; Marlin 450M.

MATERIAL: Made of 6061 Type III anodized aluminum

LIGHTWEIGHT (21 oz): Weighs less than the factory stock

ADJUSTABLE COMB HEIGHT: Works with open sights or rotates up at four pivot points for scopes (locks down tight for no movement)

LENGTH OF PULL (LOP): Comes with factory length of pull. 1/2″ aluminum spacers available for longer LOP.

OPTIONAL CHEEK RISER: Available for sale on our website. Adds another 1/2″ rise for med/tall scope rings.

BUTT PLATE: AR-style 6-Position butt plate design (industry standard)

DEAD BLOW RECOIL PAD: Aerospace designed DEAD BLOW recoil pad (best recoil/crush rate on the market).

IN THE PACKAGE: One adjustable aluminum butt stock + RPP DEAD BLOW recoil pad, one cheek pad, and one Allen wrench.

Marlin Modular, M-LOK Aluminum Straight Butt Stock

Our new modular aluminum butt stock will be the toughest part that your Marlin is ever likely to wear. It will also add exceptional functionality. And like every part that we build, it will be backed by Ranger Point’s unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service and quality and limited lifetime warranty.

Fits ALL Marlin Straight Grip models (JM, Remington, Ruger): Marlin 1894 .357 Mag, .44 Mag, .45 Long Colt; Marlin 1895G 45-70; Marlin 450M.

IN THE PACKAGE: One adjustable anodized aluminum butt stock + RPP DEAD BLOW recoil pad, one GrovTec sling stud, one cheek pad, and one Allen wrench.


– Tough, robust and weatherproof made of 6061 aluminum and Type III hard anodized

– Lightweight at only 21 oz with our recoil pad, less than the factory stock; keeps rifle perfectly balanced

– Comparable length-of-pull (LOP) to factory rifles

– Adjustable comb height using four pivot points (adjust, and tighten when set)

– AR-style 6-Position butt plate design with our proprietary DEAD BLOW recoil pad; also works with off the shelf pads

– Sling & Accessory attachment options:

  • a) One flush cup hole for push button swivel (underside, bottom strut)
  • b) One standard sling swivel stud (installed)
  • c) Three M-LOK slots (underside, bottom strut)
  • d) Three holes on top strut to attach the M-LOK accessory panel

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Black (Type III Anodizing), Elite Moss (Cerakote), Elite FDE (Cerakote)

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