Rossi 92 Comet Muzzle Brakes | Black Nitride



Not held in stock in UK, but available to order. 1-2month delivery time.

MUZZLE BRAKE: Reduces recoil and muzzle flash by approximately 25%

THREAD: Your barrel must be threaded to use this part. Thread pitch options match Rossi Dark rifles threaded at the factory.


The “Comet Brake” is designed to be a slim, flush fit and aggressive rifle brake that works especially well to reduce felt recoil.

Each brake is made to match the .746″ outer diameter and the thread pitch per inch (tpi) of the Triple Black rifle caliber that’s listed.

Your Rossi 92 rifle MUST be threaded to use this brake. The Triple Black Series rifles come threaded from the factory.

If you plan to get your Rossi 92 rifle threaded by a gunsmith, provide them with the thread pitch specs listed from the options.

  • Tough, stress proof steel construction (salt bath black nitride 4140 steel)
  • Reduces recoil and muzzle flash by approximately 25%
  • Not a one-size-fits-all (1.65″ total length, 1″ hangs past barrel when installed)
  • Designed for optimal performance and accuracy with individual calibers
  • To install, hand tighten and use blue LocTite, no indexing or torque specs

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357 Mag .746" OD (1/2 X 28 Tpi), 44 Mag .746" OD (.578 X 28 Tpi)