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Rimfire 22 – 3/8 Grooved Receiver Peep Sights: Slides onto your grooved receiver and uses 4 set screws to hold it into place (MUST have a grooved receiver, does not fit a Golden Boy))

DOES NOT FIT: Euro-spec dovetails (e.g. Chiappa, CZ)

DOES FIT: Available for: 3/8″ Grooved Receiver Rimfire 22 rifles (Henry, Rossi, Ruger; Marlin 39A requires a rimfire rail)

Cloverleaf Ghost Aperture Spring (red or green fiber optics): Bright, wide view with side fiber optics and four scope lines (pair with our fiber optic front sight for a 3 dot setup)

Traditional Peep Aperture Spring: Plain circle threaded for screw-in apertures (RPP proprietary): .060″, .095″, and .125″screw-in aperture options (.060″, .095″, .125″)

Works great with our fiber optic front sights: Marlin front sights and Henry front sights for a super fast 3 dot system like a pistol (Super Bright and Robust!)

In the Package: All 22 RIMFIRE lever-action peep sights come with one sight base w/windage screw, one aperture spring w/ elevation screw, four set screws, two Allen wrenches.

Note: Cloverleaf Ghost apertures have the four scope-like points + fiber optics and are open .165″ and do accept our screw in peep apertures. “Clover leaf groups” precision put our RPP CloverLeaf Receiver Peep Sights in a class by themselves. Bright fiber optics (left/right of the Cloverleaf aperture) paired with an RPP front fiber optic sight, creates a super fast three-dot sighting system similar to a pistol. 

Note: Traditional open/round threaded peep sight aperture spring open has a threaded opening which is .165″, and comes with one .095″ aperture screwed into the threaded hole, additional screw-in .060″ AND .125″ apertures available on website.

Note: Buckhorn rear sights need to be flipped down or tapped out to the left to be removed. Fit a slot blank? 


– 22 Rifle Peep Sights available for: 3/8″ Grooved Receiver Rimfire 22 rifles (Rossi, Ruger; Marlin 39A requires a rimfire rail, better sights for henry 22)

– Sleek, low profile, snag-free winged base secures the aperture spring against damage

– Low aperture sight height elevations (from .26″ in the center of the sight up to .36″); Often works perfectly with your factory front sight + height

– Clearly marked, scope-like windage and elevation marks make for quick and precise adjustment

– CloverLeaf Ghost aperture options (green or red fiber optics) provides an exceptionally large, .165″, bright target picture; scope-like, precise shot placement; three dot system when paired with a fiber optic front sight

– One piece aperture spring assembly offers robust, repeatable adjustment, and interchangeability between all bases/rails. Aperture spring assembly options include:

  • CloverLeaf Ghost with fiber optics (green or red) aperture spring assembly
  • Traditional open / round threaded aperture peep / spring assembly with one .095″ screw-in aperture (additional aperture sizes available: .060″ and .125″)

– Matte blasted top sighting channel greatly reduces reflective light interference.

– Anodized 7075 billet (black) or lacquered brass bar stock bases look great for a lifetime.


WINDAGE: Side-to-side .09″ (using set screw)

SIGHT HEIGHT (from receiver base to center of peep): .26″ – .36″ works with factory front sights (using set screw)

CLOVERLEAF SPRING: .165″ ghost opening and 2.3″ length tail (rides along the bottom of the base/rail)

What Makes Our 22 Rifle Peep Sights Different? 

– Traditional receiver mounted rear peep sights are too tall, forcing you to go on a hunt for a suitable front sight when you’d rather be hunting.

– Delicate aperture stems are exposed to rough handling, come loose / unscrewed during use, and are prone to snagging.

– Elevation and windage adjustments use fiddly double set screws that often vibrate loose.

– Blued steel bases rust and lose their luster.

– Cloverleaf option is super fast and bright, allows for three dot setup when paired with a fiber optic front sight

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Black Aluminium, Brass


Cloverleaf Peep, Green Fiber Optics, Cloverleaf Peep, Red Fiber Optics, Traditional .095" Peep Sight

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