Skinner Sight Apertures



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Skinner Reciever Sights are shipped with a .096″ Aperture. This is a good all around diameter that allows quick target acquistion and accurate alignment.

We recommend the .040 (fine) for target shooting in good light and the .125 (large) for dim light hunting. Remember, you can always remove the aperture completely for a .200″ “Ghost Ring” effect. This is useful in very dim light and for up close encounters with dangerous game.

You can also order several different size apertures and use them interchangeably as light conditions require.

Our apertures are threaded 12-40 and will fit most other manufactures 7/32-40 sight mounts.

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Skinner Aperture

0.040", 0.070", 0.096", 0.125", 0.155"