Skinner Lo-Pro Sight 6-48

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This is for Henry Lever Actions, and others. 6-48 for almost all other firearms that are drilled and tapped for scope mounting. WILL NOT FIT A MARLIN

Blued, with Brass Ring.

This sight comes standard with a .096″ aperture.  Accepts any of our other 5 sizes of apertures.

The Lo-Pro 6-48 is a very versatile sight that fits almost any firearm with a 6-48 mounting hole. (Common on almost all guns)

Our LO-Pro also works great on rifles like the Ruger 10/22 and shotguns with drilled and tapped receivers.

Features a rubber O-ring under the locking ring to prevent damage to the receiver when the locking ring is secured.

This sight measures .275″ from the top of the receiver to the center of the aperture at the lowest setting.