Fire Sight Front Sight Fibre Optic Williams



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Easy-to-install front sights for popular centerfire and muzzleloading rifles gather ambient light for superb visibility. The more light, the brighter the round, red beads glow; won’t “wash out” even in the strongest sunlight.

SPECS: Blued steel. Fiber optic insert. Beads: 1⁄16″ (1.6mm) dia. Fit nominal 3⁄8″ dovetail.

Number indicates height – Height measured from bottom of dovetail to top of sight

Combine with Fire Sight Rear Sight for best performance!

Letter (N, M or W) indicates base width:  N Series -.250″ (6.3mm) wide base. M Series – .340″ (8.6mm) wide base. W Series –.531″ (13.5mm) wide base.


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