Williams Aperture Regular 1″ Diameter (Target) with .050 Hole Steel Black



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Williams apertures are standard thread size and will accommodate Williams, Redfield and Lyman receiver sights. The Twilight series are designed for shooting under poor light conditions. They create a sharp contrast that gives quick definition to the aperture hole.

Technical Information


  • If included in description, the fractional dimension is the outside diameter of the metal aperture.
  • The decimal dimension is the size of the hole drilled in the aperture which is actually looked through by the shooter.
  • Apertures are standard thread size and will fit Williams, Lyman and Redfield receiver sights.
  • The twilight aperture is specifically designed for low-light conditions.
  • Big Game aperture is designed to mount on the FP or 5D receiver sight and has an extremely large opening, similar to a ghost ring type of sight.