Williams front sight insert




Available in various heights (measured from bottom of dovetail to top of bead).

These steel front sights are a great replacement for damaged or incorrectly sized factory sights, and offer a high visibility gold bead in two different diameter sizes as the aiming reference. Numerous heights and widths are available, and minor fitting may be required. Fit is for the industry standard 3/8″ dovetail. Blue finish.

Technical Information


  • Sight is standard 3/8″ dovetail
  • Width dimension of sight should match width of front sight ramp on rifle
  • Most standard factory ramps from Winchester, Remington, Savage and others are .340 wide

Additional information


0.250", 0.340", 0.531"


0.250", 0.290", 0.312", 0.343", 0.375", 0.406", 0.450", 0.500", 0.538", 0.570"